Reach Associates has proved itself to be an
    invaluable partner in the growth of our school system.
Reach Associates connect theory and research with practice. At Reach Associates, our practice experts facilitate strategic planning and provide models for teaching and learning aimed at implementing the new standards and overall organization improvement. Reach strategies highlight cognitive learning and intellectual challenge. The result is a systemic plan designed to improve schools and student performance while building internal capacity with each professional learning experience.

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Our Core Habits (Student Engagement, Academic Learning Behaviors, Language & Thinking Development, Differentiation, Intentional Instruction and Data Analysis) are the spine of Reach's instructional support services and professional learning activities. These Core Habits are based on five foundational aspects of school improvement:

Classroom application of standards-based instruction and effective best practices proven to increase learner achievement.
Data analysis and instructional decision-making as integral components of all teaching and learning.
School climates and cultures that build internal capacity and foster collegial support.
Learning environments of high expectations and rigor with a focus on academic skills and learning behaviors for college/career success.
Engagement of all stakeholders in the school improvement process-from students and teachers to community members and public partners.
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