Reach Associates has proved itself to be an
    invaluable partner in the growth of our school system.

Reach Associates, a boutique educational consulting firm, connects theory and research with practice to improve school and student performance while building the internal capacity needed to sustain the work. Reach Associates collaborates hand-in-hand with its partners to create a professional learning plan tailored to the unique strengths, capacities, structures and needs of each organization. Each professional learning plan combines interactive face-to-face and virtual sessions focusing on standards-based instruction within a specific component of literacy (e.g. small group instruction, speaking and listening, writing, etc.) and includes:

  • professional readings and collegial conversations
  • demonstration lessons and follow-up debriefing discussions
  • reviewing student outcomes
  • teacher reflection to identify actionable next steps
  • strategic planning


Professional Learning Opportunities for Teachers
(Literacy, Literacy in Content Areas, Special Education)

Foundations of Literacy Instruction:

  • Instructional purpose(s) of the targeted component
  • Lesson design and demonstration lesson

Learning Labs:

  • Deconstructing lesson design
  • Collaborative planning of standards-based lesson
  • Partners implement and debrief collaboratively planned lesson with a small group of students

Hybrid Lesson Study:

  • Collaborative planning of standards-based lesson
  • Teachers teach the collaboratively planned lesson
  • Follow up session to debrief lesson, look at student work from the lesson and make lesson revisions

Looking at Student Work:

  • Purpose for looking at student work is identified. (e.g. calibrate grade level expectation, identify trends and next steps, etc.)
  • Protocol is used to review student work samples (e.g. patterns, strengths, needs, actionable next steps, etc.)

Writing Curriculum and Wrap-Around Professional Learning:

  • 6 standards based writing units for grades k-5
  • Deconstructing unit lessons
  • Demonstration lessons
  • Looking at student work

Differentiated and Personalized Observations:

  • One-to-one classroom visits with collegial feedback
  • Follow-up conversation and reflection to identify actionable next steps

Professional Learning Opportunities for Teacher Leaders

Capacity Builders/Teacher Leaders:

  • Focus on instructional practices to become ‘demonstration’ classroom
  • Foster professional reflection and development
  • Develop communication skills to build relationships and trust with colleagues

Professional Learning Opportunities for Leadership

Leadership Sessions:

  • Demonstration lesson and debriefing focusing on Core Habits of Teaching and Learning
  • Collaborative ‘naming’ specific “look-fors” in instructional practice

Learning Walks:

  • Focus/purpose of the learning walk is determined
  • Teams of administrators, teacher leaders and/or teachers visit classrooms
  • Debriefing protocol is used following each classroom visit

District Level-Systems Support:

  • Tailored to meet district needs (e.g. review curricular materials, district resource documents and strategic plans, etc.)
  • Video library and support resources

Members of our team are available to discuss your specific needs or provide consultation. You can contact a Reach team member through the information below.

EMAIL:   PHONE: (201) 394-7024

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