Reach Associates has proved itself to be an
    invaluable partner in the growth of our school system.
Here is a sampling of the school districts, public agencies and educational organizations that have partnered with Reach Associates across the United States.    >>   READ TESTIMONIALS


  • Seattle Public Schools, WA
  • City of Seattle's Early Childhood Education Professional Development Program, WA
  • Vancouver, WA
  • Public Libraries, OR
  • Portland Public Schools, OR
  • Everett School District, WA
  • Highline School District, WA
  • Southwest

  • Los Angeles Unified School District, CA
  • Fresno, CA
  • Marin County, CA
  • Central

  • Chicago, Ill
  • Colorado Department of Education, CO
  • Denver Public Schools, CO
  • Kentucky Department of Education, KY
  • Lansing, Mich
  • Madison Metropolitan School District, WI
  • Northeast

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Southeast Delco School District , PA
  • Western Wayne School District, PA
  • Erie, PA
  • Child Care Association and Programs and Head Start, PA
  • Hanover, PA
  • Teach for America, NYC
  • Worcester, MA
  • Baltimore Public Schools, MD
  • Washington DC Public Schools, DC
  • Bentley Charter School, MA
  • Mifflin County School District, PA
  • South

  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC
  • Hillsborough County, FL
  • Louisiana Department of Education, LA
  • Charter Schools in New Orleans, LA
  • St. Bernard Parish, LA
  • Reach Associates works with public schools, charter schools, school districts, state education departments and private foundations across the United States to develop stronger curricula, implement more powerful teaching strategies and improve academic achievement and literacy rates among students of all ages. Here are some thoughts about the Reach process from partners in the field.
    It is, without a doubt, that the significant and consistent gains in student achievement data are strong evidence of Reach's successful effort with our staff. They are knowledgeable and hands-on consultants who excel in guiding colleagues through the essential elements of improving teaching and learning .... professionals of the highest credibility and integrity.

    Vinh -Principal

    There has been a positive cultural shift in our school ..Teachers and coaches are working collaboratively and using data to make instructional decisions. The positive impact on instruction, engagement and student achievement is evident in our current assessment data. Through district-wide, school-based and job-embedded professional development opportunities, Reach has made us all more aware of best practices in education and our students are reaping the benefits!

    David -Principal

    In my career as an educator, I can honestly say that working with Reach Associates in our district has uniquely impacted my instruction and coaching skills in a positive way .... I have learned to be more explicit and intentional in my teaching and coaching conversations .... The result of Reach's influence on my work has translated into higher achievement for students.

    Mary Jo -Literacy Coach

    Working with Reach has been a positive experience and has been tremendously POWERFUL! .... Our grade level meetings have been transformed from 90 minutes of writing lesson plans to 90 minutes of data driven discussions that focus on accelerating student achievement. The support and inspiration that I have received has encouraged me to work hard to change my level of classroom instruction and academic rigor .... I have never seen such a high degree of learner engagement in my classroom ....

    LaShawna - 5th Grade Teacher

    Reach Associates worked with the schools to develop faculty and grade level PLC meetings that focused on data analysis, instructional decision making, content and pedagogy and standards-based lesson planning. As a result of the work with Reach, grade levels meet regularly to identify specific data-based areas for weekly study. This collaboration time has changed the culture in the school and has provided teachers a common language around student work.

    Ina - Director, K-8 Programs

    Reach Associates has a national reputation, at both the state and district levels, where they have successfully worked to bring systemic evidence-based practices to classrooms, schools and education leaders. Reach's ability to use data to drive systems change has proven invaluable everywhere they have worked . in all work experiences, Reach demonstrates an in-depth, researched-based understanding of people, situations, pedagogy and the overall change process.

    Judy - Chief Academic Officer

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