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Folder 5 - LDC Modules

Comparing Economic Systems
This recently revised argumentation/comparison LDC module is designed for an 11th-12th grade Economic class. See how grade level expectations of the Common Core are included in the definition of skills and explanation of instructional strategies.

Comparing Economic Systems - Writers' Notebook
This recently revised Writers' Notebook is a student support for the NEW version of Comparing Economic Systems.

Corduroy Beginning, Middle and End Poster
This poster accompanies the Corduroy module for Kindergarten. Please see module for specifics on use.

Corduroy Retelling Module
This recently created LDC module is designed for a Kindergarten class. This module teaches students how to retell key events of a story in chronological order. Please see accompanying Beginning, Middle and End Poster.

Investment Module
This recently created LDC module is designed for an Economics Class in Grades 11-12. This module addresses the following Oregon State Standards: explain the function of the stock market; compare and contrast different options for long term investment; and identify and explain different opportunities for investment and draw economic conclusions from market data.

Mother to Son Appendix
This appendix accompanies the Mother to Son module for Grade 5. Included in the appendix are the texts, student handouts, and teacher resources.

Mother to Son Module
This recently created LDC module is designed for a 5th grade class. This module uses close reading with text dependent questions to analyze the theme and use of metaphors. Please see accompanying Appendix of resources.

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