Reach Associates has proved itself to be an
    invaluable partner in the growth of our school system.

Sample Reach Resources

Reach Associates provide teachers, coaches, school and district leaders differentiated professional learning and planning tools to support schools and districts as they work to build capacity and sustainability of strategic efforts.  Click on the folders below to preview and download sample resources.


a) Instructional Shifts in Literacy

b) Comprehensive Balanced Literacy Framework

c) Gradual Release within a Comprehensive-Balanced Literacy Framework

d) Reach Core Habits with Daniels on FFT

e) Sample of Instructional Language from Reach Associates

f) Developing Academic Learning Behaviors

g) Student Engagement Strategies


a) Comprehensive - Balanced Literacy Framework

b) Gradual Release within a Comprehensive-Balanced Literacy Framework

c) Interactive Read Aloud Guidance and Planning

d) Shared Reading Guidance

e) A Primer on Close Reading of Text

f) Close Reading: A Sample Lesson Plan

g) Guided Reading Differentiated Small Group Instruction

h) Small Group Instruction Using On Grade Level Text

i) Hybrid Lit Circle Guidance


a) Writing Block

b) Information on Reach Associates' Writing Units

c) Sample Material from Opinion Unit-3rd Grade

d) Writing Lesson Plan


a) NAEYC Position Statement

b) Literacy Rich Environment

c) Planning an Interactive Read Aloud-PreK


a) Retelling Corduroy LDC Module - Kindergarten

b) A Closer Look at Mother to Son LDC Module-5th Grade

c) Guiding Questions for Writing a Teaching Task

d) Guiding Questions for Writing a Mini-Task

The work we do at Reach Associates is aimed at increasing positive outcomes for students, teachers, school districts, state education agencies and private organizations. Our instructional support services (behind the scenes and in the classroom), our action plans that bring together communities and schools, and our methods to increase both student and family engagement, all start with our Core Habits of Teaching and Learning. Reach's focus on content and its delivery, use of data and research to inform practice, strategies to reach students at all levels and methods to develop teaching skills are all based on these principles.
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